Alexandre Kordzaia

Alexandre Kordzaia is a composer and producer born in Tbilisi, Georgia on the first of January 1994. His music is a mesh of carefully balanced oppositions: deliciously snappy transients punctuate shimmering soundscapes, gently morphing into funk – a melancholic post-soviet feel pays sentimental  homage to a private vision of the 1980s. Acoustic instruments sit side by side with analog synthesizers and drum machines; field and Foley recordings blend the recognizable into the fuzzy and surreal. Growing up in a musical family he started to play drums in rockbands and participate in classical piano competitions at a very young age. After discovering electronic music, he decided to study sound design/engineering at the music academy of Basel, where he began to develop his own musical language. Currently he is doing his masters at the composition department of the Royal Conservatoire The Hague, with the goal of bringing the worlds of acoustic and electronic music together in a way that makes it seem as if they’ve never been two separate things in the first place. Besides releases on Prrrrrrr Records, Medschool, Hospital Records, his music is regularly performed by himself, his duo with Georgian Viola player Giorgi Zagareli and orchestras/ensembles such as: Georgian Philharmonic Orchestra (Tbilisi), Kluster5 (The Hague).


About aneveningoftoday

An Evening of Today is an annual platform for young creatives launched in 2013 by the Nieuw Ensemble in Amsterdam.
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