Boris Bezemer

Boris Bezemer’s music strikes a balance between structure and chance, calculation and randomness, plan and improvisation, the standing leg and the playing leg. He prefers simple basic ideas but shapes and processes them with great care. The emphasis on working like this is that the (sonic) world is makeable. The composer aims to create new worlds filled with joy and beauty. Yet, there may be a sense of alienation; especially when unnatural aspects of the sounds are developed or when sine tones take the leading role. Boris Bezemer graduated with a bachelor degree in Composition & Music Technology from the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht in 2015, where he won the graduation award for best artistic achievement. During his studies he did internships in Skopje (Macedonia) and in Huddersfield (UK) and worked on composition, electronic music, installations and other kinds of sonic art performance. In 2017 he completed his master’s degree in composition at the Conservatory of Amsterdam, studying with Richard Ayres, Jorrit Tamminga and Joël Bons. Boris Bezemer is a laureate of the Voix Nouvelles Academy at Royaumont Abbey and ManiFeste Academy 2017.

Accordeon solo
for Cassandra

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