Looptail photo landscapeLooptail is a new music sextet based in Amsterdam. Its members are graduates of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. Formed during the Conservatory’s Composers’ Festival 2011, the ensemble focuses on working with composers of its generation and developing the alternative music scene in the Netherlands.

Apart from their experience with playing in well-established new music ensembles across Europe, the musicians of Looptail have broad musical interests and are also active in many other musical fields such as music theatre or Japanese traditional music. Besides working with young composers from the Netherlands, Looptail aims at internationalizing its activities. Upcoming plans include presenting their repertoire outside the country, but also working with composers and musicians abroad in order to introduce those works to the Dutch new music scene.

Together with sister-ensemble ACE (Amsterdam Collage Ensemble), Looptail is part of the recently created foundation Earvision. The foundation aims at providing a collaborative environment for ‘undiscovered’ composers. Establishing a privileged working relationship with the performers helps composers to develop their own artistic voice.

profile photo by www.claudiahansen.com