Gunnar Gunnsteinsson

Gunnar GunnsteinssonGunnar Gunnsteinsson was born in Iceland in the year 1989. He was put, by his mother, in a recorder course at the age of 6 and you could say that after that there was no turning back. His interest in music and its inner workings were apparent from the first lesson on. The recorder led Gunnar to the saxophone, the saxophone to marching bands and before he knew he was performing the James Bond theme for the 100th time at a Scandinavian school band festival in Malmö. Young and enthusiastic as he was, this eventually made him reconsider the direction his musical-life was taking and his mind was bent towards classical music. This led him to study the contrabass and in 2009 Gunnar finished his double bass-diploma from The Music College of Reykjavik. His career as a bass player (also playing the electric bass) includes playing in a couple of traditional orchestras, in the balkan band Orphic Oxtra and in various pop- and jazz-bands in the very small but dynamic music-world of Reykjavík.

By the time Gunnar was studying the double bass he started composing music. His first works were influenced by the music he played in the various bands and orchestras. Quickly he realized how much more interesting composing was than studying the double bass and in 2011 Gunnar decided to move to Amsterdam and study composition.

In Amsterdam Gunnar got interested in electronics. After many years of cooperations in bands and projects in the past years he saw a great opportunity in electronic music, to compose and perform completely alone. From late 2012 Gunnar has been performing his electronic music under his own name in The Netherlands, Iceland, Denmark and Germany. This has led him to release his debut album this year, incorporating 40 minutes of music.

Today, Gunnar is back into cooperations but this time he mostly seeks to work with people from other disciplines such as fine arts and dance. This summer he premiered, along with the visual artist Hrafnhildur Helgadóttir, an installation in the Rongwrong gallery in Amsterdam, involving sculptures and musicians. At the moment he is working on a dance performance that will be premiered in December 2014. Other than that Gunnar enjoys life on the mainland.

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Edition 2015