Luke Deane

Luke DeaneLuke Deane is a composer from Somerset, England. Deane’s work is associated with the satirical ‘4th Viennese School’ of composition. He is most known for his collaborations which include large scale sculpture and theatre works, and for his songs, which he performs under the guise of Lisa, his alter-ego.

Deane studied contemporary piano with John Law in Somerset before studying composition with Howard Skempton at Birmingham Conservatoire from 2010 until 2014, a department which is headed by Joe Cutler and Michael Wolters. Whilst in Birmingham, he studied alongside many composers including Richard Stenton, Cameron Dodds, Ryan Probert, Josh Herring, Ryan Latimer and James Oldham. Deane’s feature-length light and sound show My Dream was premiered in Birmingham in April 2014.

Deane performed as Colas in James Oldham’s operatic re-imagining of Mozart’s Bastienne und Bastiene. His work has been played on BBC Radio 3 and 6, featured on Resonance FM, and performed in a variety of concert venues and festivals worldwide.

In July 2014, Deane was awarded the Birmingham Conservatoire Composition Prize joint with Richard Stenton for their collaborative work as electronics duo Intercalaris. He was also awarded the MU Bill Warman award for Most Promising Performer and Artist.

Luke Deane lives in Amsterdam where he studies at the conservatory with Richard Ayres and Jorrit Tamminga. He continues to work in Birmingham.


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